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Cycle First Aid Training Course

If you enjoy cycling, either as a professional, or as a pleasure cyclist then you need to be prepared with first aid training in the event of an emergency. We offer an online first aid training for cyclists course which will help you treat someone who has become ill or injured while cycling.

Cycle first aid training certification online

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Training Course Information

  • CPD Certified Training
  • Video Based Learning
  • Print Your Certificate
  • Download All Course Materials
  • Course Fee: £24.95 + vat
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This course is conducted using first aid instructor led video presentations and on registration you will be able to download all course materials, so that you can follow the course content as you progress through the training.

There are 6 hours of CPD time credits associated with this online cycle first aid training programme, which can be downloaded on completion and you will also be able to print your cycle first aid certification.

You can complete the simple registration process and start your training by clicking the “Start Training” button on the left, the course fee for training is £24.95, this includes all your downloadable course materials and your certification.

Course Content

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  • Initial care of the scene and patient & Road Safety
  • Fears of first aid, Barriers – gloves and face shields
  • Initial assessment, Breathing unconscious patient and recovery position
  • Cardiac problems, One rescuer CPR, Hand over to a second rescuer
  • Other primary care problems, Choking, Serious bleeding and types of wounds Including:
    • Shock, Spinal injury, Snatch rescue (removing a patient from a dangerous situation), Specific injury management, Breaks and fractures, Embedded objects, Eye injuries, Sunburn, Head injury and helmet removal, Chest injury

CPD certified cycle first aid training course online, video based e-learning safety for the professional, or the pleasure cyclist.

This online cycle first aid course is ideal for anyone who has an interest in cycling and would like to know how to treat cycle related first aid injuries. For the professional cyclist, for example trial riders, mountain bikers and endurance riders this course can be particularly useful.

If you would like to contact us regarding this first aid for cyclists online training programme that we offer please do so through our contact us page.